We are breeders of both Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherd dogs.

Our dogs are our family pets and participate in our daily activities be it hiking, biking, swimming,

playing ball, shopping or just laying back in front of the fire.

Our primary goal is to raise happy healthy sound dogs that can fit into just about any lifestyle and family.

Conformation, health and temperament are our main objectives in breeding our dogs be it pet or show dogs.

Our minis should mature between 15 to 18" although there can be exceptions as these minis were bred down from the

standard versions.  We do not introduce outside breeds to bring down the size as some may think.

We breed small dog to small dog to get to our objective sizes.

Most of our dogs are small to medium minis. 16-18" however we also get smaller versions as well (14 to 16")

On occasion we also breed  toy size puppies that mature to around 12 - 14" however this is not very often.

Aussies are noted to be reserved with strangers and tend to keep their distance until they are comfortable with the

situation unless you toss them a cookie or two . Then it is game over and you are their best friend forever.

My dogs seemed to have missed classes the day that "aussie reserve" was taught as to them....."everyone" is their

best friend and they know no enemies. My dogs love everybody and are happy to be the official greeters to whom ever

comes to the door. Now with that being said, they do recognise a threat and act accordingly.

To have happy well adjusted dogs, you have to spend time to properly train and socialize them right from birth so that

they are accustomed to people, dogs, cats, city noises etc.  That way, they learn to live life just as it comes and not be taken

back by anything. We start socializing the puppies right from birth. They are exposed to children of all ages, people young

and old, dogs, cats, city and country life. When the puppies are 5 weeks old, tjhey get carted off to Home Depot, Canadian Tire,

garden centres, playgrounds, supermarkets and just about anywhere else there are people that love animals.

By the time they get to go home at 8 weeks, they are happy well adjusted puppies.

Aussies in general are quiet dogs and many do not bark at all. and mine are no exception.

They are very quiet, relaxed and low keyed in the house and have the ability to be couch potatoes.

They want nothing more that to be by your side and share your  life.

Aussies are super smart and if you are not careful, it has been said that they will have "YOU" trained in no time flat. With that being said, you have to recognise that they require both mental and physical stimulation to keep them happy and healthy.

"A happy dog is a tired dog".

To be owned by an Aussie or two requires attention to both yours and their needs.

They need to feel wanted and loved as otherwise they can get themselves into trouble.

If you do not have time to spend with your dog  and just put him/her outside, not to worry......

as they will invent their own fun and games, be it gardening doggy style (pulling or digging out your favorite flowers),

aerating your lawn by digging holes everywhere and even be your official squirrel and rodent exterminator by whatever

means they can come up with.

So....... with this in mind, you have to be prepared to go off to the dog park, throw the tennis ball or Frisbee and do some basic training and if you are somewhat athletic, or at least want to be, you can participate in flyball, agility, rally-o, obedience and conformation activities. These are great activities for both of you and you may even get in shape.

When the puppies are ready to go home, they will be socialized, have started potty training, crate training and

be happy go lucky puppies. 

They will have had their shots , been dewormed , and come with a written 3 year health guarantee against hereditary

genetic defects such as hips, elbow and eye problems.

The majority of the puppies will be sold to "Pet" homes however I would consider selling breeding puppies to the

right home. I am always willing to talk to people that would like to show or breed their puppies.

Please feel free to browse through our site and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like

some more information regarding our dogs.


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