B.Jr.PIS Sprucehill's Sonny Come Quickly   


               Details to follow.

New " 2016 " Multi-Champion !!. "

BPIS. Sprucehill's Raven Mad  "Raven"

               Details to follow.

              (now retired)

CH. Keecam's Saddle Up Titan "Titan"

           Details to follow soon. 

Our Dogs

Multi. CH. Sprucehill's  "Come By Chance"

                                             "Sparky"  (now retired)

RBIS.CH. Sprucehill’s "Immaculate Conception"

                           "Piper"  (now retired)

Multi.BIS.CH. Sprucehill’s "Mirror Image"

                           "Jasper" (now retired)

Multi.BIS.M.CH. By Jingoes "Spice Girl"

                         "Nutmeg" (now retired)

GR.CH Ravine Acres "Shadow"

               "Shadow" (now retired)

Just as our dogs are individuals and have own personalities, they also have their own web pages that contain their personal information.    Please visit their pages to learn a little more about each of the dogs.
 Each of our  dogs are tested for Genetic issues such as Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, Eye problems, Drug Resistance etc.  and only dogs that
have passed all their testing are used in our breeding program thereby minimizing any problems  that could potentially develop in the future.

 All puppies whether pet, show, or breeding quality  will have a 3 year written health guarantee against

hereditary genetic diseases.

Welcome to Our "Dogs" Page

Being a small family breeder, we are limited to the numbers of dogs that we can have and enjoy so unfortunately we have had to place some of our dogs into family homes  once they were no longer needed in our breeding program.   We wish we could have kept them all but as we know ..... is not possible.

We still keep and touch and visit with our dogs whenever possible and follow their journey with their new families.

Available older puppies and dogs can be found on our "Available Older Puppies and Dogs" page at top of page.


RBIS. CH. No Limit’s "Royal Magic at Sprucehill"


New " 2017 "  Champion !!

New " 2016 "  Champion !!

Sprucehill's End of the line  "Sofie"

         Details to follow soon.

Sprucehill's Carbon Copy "Dakota"

              (now retired)

Sprucehill Mini Aussies
Home of big dog fun in a small dog package