Kelsey " Sprucehill's Dare to be Different"

: Nov.05, 2012

: 17 3/4"

: 32 Lbs.


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BIS. CH. Sprucehill's "Mirror Image"  HIC

Jasper's Page

Some fun pictures with the dogs.......

"All About Pets Show"  Toronto Ontario 2014 -  1 1/2 Years old

                          Jasper herding sheep to earn her "Herding Instinct Certificate" title even though she had never seen a sheep before that day.

                                                                                                                Way to go Jasper!!

Jasper is a "home grown" puppy that is a  big "luv bug" like her mother Shadow.  

She blends both the goofy fun loving dog  with the more serious dog

and knows how to get what she wants by flashing her big blue eyes.

If it wasn't for her size, she would be a perfect "lap dog" as that is her favorite place to be.  As soon as she sees a free lap, she immediately "slides" right on

up before the person knows what happened.

Jasper has followed in her mother's foot steps and excelled in multiple Conformation Dog Shows and has earned multiple  " Best In Show " wins and has earned oodles ribbons  and even a trophy thanks to her wonderful handler Carrie that worked with her at the shows.

Way to go Carrie  ......  Thank you    

Jasper has passed on her "happy-go-go lucky" personality to her puppies as well

as her people pleasing ways which makes training so easy as they want to please

so will do whatever they can to please their owners especially if there is a treat.

We couldn't have asked for a better all round dog than Jasper.

Jasper's line will be continued in her daughters Piper and Kelsey so be sure to

check back on them as they grow and mature.

Some of Jasper's many wins and accomplishments

"All About Pets Show"  Toronto Ontario 2013 - 6 months old

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         Piper " Sprucehill's Immaculate Conception "