Herding Instinct Test "HIS"

Various "All About Pets Shows" at the Toronto International Centre.

While it is nice to enter shows and compete with fellow breeders nothing compares to just hanging out and chilling with your dogs.

During the shows, the dogs are sparkling clean and on their best form and behaviour however, at home......

they are allowed to be dogs and spoiled pets.  Nutmeg is our social butterfly and is always hamming it up for the camera.

                            Below you will see pictures of Nutmeg just having fun wherever she may be,


              Nutmeg was a new addition to our home coming from "By Jingoes Mini Aussies" in Harrow Ontario where she
            was spoiled by everyone and you can't blame them as Nutmeg is a real sweetheart, wiggling her way into your heart.
            Her breeder Sue did a wonderful job bringing her up to be the social wiggle butt that she is. You can't help but love her.

            Even when she is annoying the other dogs, they can't get mad at her as she wiggles and squirms hoping to be forgiven
            and you know,it works. Unfortunately she tries to get out of doing what she is told by flashing her big blue eyes at you.
            Nutmeg's mother "Eclipse" is a home grown puppy from Sue who was #3 dog in MASCA top 10 list.
            Eclipse's show talents have rubbed off on Nutmeg as Nutmeg was top Mini Aussie in 2014.
            We are so proud of Nutmeg and want to give special thanks to Carrie and all the others that help her achieve it.

            Nut meg will still dabble in dog shows here and there but will be active in other sports like obedience and agility.

Below are a few of pictures of Nutmeg's wins at various dog shows

: May. 05, 2012

: 17"

: 27 Lbs


: Normal

: Normal

: Normal

: N/P

: Normal

: Normal

: Excellent

: Good













BIS. MCH. By Jingoes "Spice Girl  HIC.

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