All About Pets Show - International Centre Toronto

 Below are some fun pictures of the dogs and their friends doing what dogs do best - play, play and play some more.
 They are allowed to be dogs and have fun as they see fit. They go camping, hiking, the dog parks, rivers, lakes,
 city or wherever life takes us. I hope some of these pictures bring a smile to your face. 

Photo Page

Living with a Mini Aussie is anything but dull or boring as they will have you going places and doing things that are soooo much

fun for the dogs.......  and if fact for the humans as well. If nothing else, you will be in shape in no time just keeping up with them.

Taking pictures isn't always so easy as the dogs are always on the move so some pictures are not as good as others.

                                                                              Have fun !

Herding Instinct Test - Baxter Ontario

Sprucehill Mini Aussies
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