GR.CH.  Ravine Acres "Shadow" HIC

Shadow came to us as a puppy in 2009 from she had a wonderful family that pampered her and made her into the princess that she is day .    Although she had been pamered and spoiled, she is far from a princess.  Shadow  has an exceptionally loving and pleasing personality that she has passed on to all of her puppies.
Structurally Shadow  is as sound as they come and she is very pleasing to the eyes. She has won many shows and  I have had many compliments on her good looks and exceptional personality, however what is special about Shadow is her unconditional love for each and everyone of us.

Shadow knows no strangers always wants to be the centre of attention. Being true to her breed, she is very intelligent and is always trying to get someone to  give her a belly rub or throw the ball for her for hours :-)

Shadow  is very versatile and agile and loves to be involved in agility, swimming, dock diving, chasing balls and just plain goofing around. She  is a true "Velcro"  Aussie" - no matter where you are, or what you are doing, she is always right there wanting to participate.  She is our "SHadow" in every sense of the word.

Shadow is a Canadian and US Grand Champion and has passed on her winning ways to her offspring that are now out winning at shows and competitions.

Her daughter Jasper is a Canandian and US Champion and also winner of the 2014 "Bill Thomson Memrial" throphy as well as capturing a win for "Best Head (female)" in 2014.
And in turn...... Jasper has passed her torch onto her daughters Piper and Kelsey.
You will see them out at the shows in 2015.

Currently Shadow isn't showing any more however she does participate in other activities such as dock diving,

agility,  and Rally-O.  She is enjoying the retired life and being pampered and playing ball all day.

You couldn't ask for a better dog and companion.  She has passed on her attributes to her daughters Jasper, Kelsey

and Piper so we hope to continue her lines and  have great dogs like her.

: Mar. 09, 2009

: 17 1/2"

: 30 Lbs


: Normal

: Normal

: Normal

: N/P

: Normal

: Normal

: Good

: Good













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